Mev Rocket Build.

31st October 2007


sorry for being slow to update the site. but here is a few pics of my almost completed car

failed its SVA on relatively minor points hopefully get time to work on the car for a retest at the end of November.





After an unfortunate meeting with the side of a car while on my Motorcycle, and a subsequent 6 months off work. although it was during last years world cup.
Hence The Artwork. I decided to put my leathers away for a while.

Third party insurance advice:- pay the extra and go fully Comprehensive or make sure you buy the legal protection. Only having third party insurance means that the insurance company will only pay out damages to other parties, I have to claim my own losses for both the vehicle and any injury damages.

Because of this I ended up with a Written off motorbike with not much inclination to repair it. My first thought was to use the 750cc engine and use it in a kit car although after some research I found that no kits were available for this engine. The bike was sold for scrap but the idea of a kit car was still in my mind.

After months of searching for a kit that I liked, MEV placed their advert for the Rocket in Kit Car magazine. I liked it a lot so I organized a trip to the factory.

when I arrived I was shown the unfinished kit which was still in a development stage, no GRP fitted, wiring loom fitted but not connected and no SVA although it was drivable so I took it for a quick drive on MEV's test track.




Within 2 Weeks of Returning home a Cheque for a Deposit was sent to MEV.




Current Situation.

The Kit  should be ready before the end of May 2007.

The donor has been purchased and I am currently stripping the parts I require.

Been very quiet up til now with progress of the build I have been to MEV to collect the kit and Stuart was kind enough to take my son out for a ride in his completed Rocket





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